We pride ourselves on the diversity of gates and fencing that we can offer. Our team will work with you from start to finish to make sure your project is to your exact specifications and needs.

If it’s security gates or fencing, we offer design, manufacture and fitting service for medium and larger projects. Due to how are manufacturing process is set up, we can’t offer cost-effective gates for smaller gates, i.e.a for a pathway on its own. This allows us to offer more cost-effective applications for large gates or multiple smaller gates, or a long fence.

We can offer a wide range of gates and fencing, using a variety of materials. We can work with partially any material you can use to make a gate, so please contact us to help you with your gate or fence application. If you want wood inlay gates you chose the wood or composite finish you require.

If you want traditional wrought iron or steel gates, we can produce what you want out of whatever steel you need and finish with the infills of your choice. LK Engineering UK has years of experience producing gates and fencing, so no matter what you require, we can guide you through the options available.

Single gates or double gates, whatever the size we will deliver on time. We offer a free installation service within a fifty-mile radius of Chesterfield. We have installed gates and fencing in Leeds, Nottingham and beyond. We are equipped to complete the whole gates and fencing project from production to install.

We can also offer completely bespoke gates. If you have a gate design that is unusual, we can you create it in the most effective way possible, helping you decide which materials would be best and then make that gate for you.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us using the form below.

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    Gates, railing and fencing
    Gates, railing and fencing
    Gates, railing and fencing
    Wood inlay gates
    Wood inlay gates
    Wood inlay gates

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