Canopies are functional and aesthetically pleasing, helping to create the right impression for your buildings entrance or to cover an area such as a patio. Canopies offer great protection against the elements for outdoor waiting areas, shelters or smoking areas. We design, manufacture and install canopies for all sectors, canopies can be wall mounted or free standing making a stylish statement finish.

We can provide canopies with a variety of roof coverings including patent glazing, laminated glass and polycarbonate, as well as incorporating flashings, gutters and rain water pipe requirements.

Canopy Styles

Our expert team pride themselves on being able to meet your requirements, no matter the complexity of your project. Every steel canopy project is unique, however there are three main styles that our canopies are based on, cantilever, mono pitch and barrel vault.

Cantilever canopies – are often used as weather shelters. They use a fixed cantilever arch to support the sheltering glass panels. With no fixed ground beams cantilever canopies feel spacious and light.

Mono pitch canopies – are a simple form of sloping weather shelter often used in public exit spaces. The shelter is attached to the building and supported by two beams which are fixed into the ground.

Barrel vault canopies – these have a high canopy roof which gives a spacious feel to the roof shelter, it is curved in a semi-circular shape which naturally channels off the rain water.


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